Sunday, March 14, 2010

Counting Down To Club Skirt's - The Dinah

The countdown is ON to the biggest lesbian party in the world! Club Skirt's The Dinah is just a matter of days away as the ladies of the world wait with eager anticpation to experience the sheer entertainment CEO Mariah Hanson has up her sleeve. As usual, Hanson has further cemented The Dinah's 20th birthday bash with headlining acts set to blow your socks off! Headling The Dinah from March 31 is singing sensation Ke$ha, classics Salt N Pepa, and the comeback comedian herself - Rosie O'Donnell. Hanson has also taken a philanthropic angle with this party, making it a personal priority to ensure that the recent Proposition 8 law passed in Los Angeles depriving the LGBTIQ community of their rights was not overlooked. Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley (featured on The Hump Day Crew last year) will appear at the NOH8 pool party to photograph as apart of the NOH8 campaign.

Hanson's incredible ability to predict future trends and talent is a reflection of the direction of where she has taken the lesbian community. Before announcing Ke$ha as the headline act for The Dinah - Hanson announced in her previous chat with The Hump Day Crew that she predicted this act was going to be huge. Funnily enough, in just a few short weeks, Ke$ha hit no.1 in the US and on our Australia shores and became the most downloaded artist in a single week ARIA chart history. It has been set that usually the male part of the gay community is the one that sets the trends; but it seems Hanson is putting a dent in that theory!

See Lady Gaga perform at The Dinah in 2009

And - Lady Gaga then kicked off her stardom to a massive 2009! If there's one thing for certain Australia - Mariah Hanson can teach us a thing or two about how to party! Catch her catch with Ginni and Adz from The Hump Day Crew - click here

Don't forget to book your ticket to the 20th anniversary celebration of Club Skirts - The Dinah!

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