Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This girl is NOT an International Student.....

Above is the face of The Hump Day Crew's Ginni's grade prep version. Though there may have been signs in the six year old face of Ginni of the potential to be mistaken for an international student....she is not. She supports multi-culturalism and the right to study wherever is most suitable to obtain an education that is relevant to one's desired field.

Twice this year already, Ginni has been handed pamplets at Flinders St Station, assumed to be a student. She confides in Bish - who comes up with a theory to potentially evade being mistaken for a student.

Click here for his tips.

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$30 Date Night said...

Oh sweetie... this photo rocks! I just wanna mush ya and squeeze ya - so cute!

Happy Easter Humpers!