Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rick Egusquiza - Hollywood's Gossip Guru

The Hump Day Crew love to hear the latest gossip surrounding Hollywood Stars - especially now given the recent bust ups between Twlight Star Taylor Lautner and singer Taylor Swift along with Pussycat Dolls leading lady Nicole Scherzinger calling it quits with Racing Car man Lewis Hamilton; Adz and Ginni are on a personal mission to turn these stars with even a sniff of hope is enough to keep these two keen! So they have turned to someone a little closer to Nicole and Taylor.

Enter The National Enquirer man - Rick Egusquiza; a down to earth, easy to talk kind of guy who was the first to break the John Edward' extramarital affair to the world - ten months before the mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon. Egusquiza's inviting nature makes it close to impossible not to confide in him and his "Famous People's Oops" portfolio is one that many a tabloid would envy.

Some of the stories Egusquiza has been responsible for breaking are:
  • Ellen and Portia's first hook up
  • The Britney Speares breakdown
  • The Ben Affleck Stripper Scandal (at the time he was dating J-L0)
Stemming from an interesting employment background from running a clothing store in the LA Latino community, bartending in Venice Beach; Egusquiza's journalism debut as a writer was actually for a porn site! However, it was not long before the No.1 Tabloid magazine in America and is now the senior reporter with his best work still to come!

Rick stops by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni and Adz - click here to listen.

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