Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoe Badwi - painting the town pink for a second time

Zoe Badwi is one of The Hump Day Crew's favourite local gals. Her energy and vocals leave you succumbing to her dancefloor and suppressing the urge to "Raise Your Hands." Due to her rocking out 300 girls at last year's March Pinkalicious party (see photo left) Zoe Badwi is back to perform at the upcoming March 20 Party at The Rydges Hotel, Melbourne, only this time, it's twice the venue size and twice the number of girls! With DJ's Ish and Mike Evans set to spin uplifting vocal house from 9pm - if Badwi's last performance was any kind of indication of what the reception would be like, this one will be set to sizzle!
Australia's first exclusively female party is set to top it's amazing first birthday bash which featured the queen of house music, Inaya Day.

However, Zoe's talents also stem outside the singing arena; in matchmaking. Her facebook page saw her posting a picture of her friend saying: "can you believe this girl is still single?" Naturally, that was a rhetorical question! So to celebrate Zoe's return to Pinkalicious and her apparent "pimping" - The Hump Day Crew will set her a task they'd like to call "PIMPALICIOUS."

Pictured below is one of Bish's mates, James whom Zoe actively tried to "pimp" out on today's show.

Click here to hear the laughs from this morning.

Catch Zoe Badwi at Pinkalicious - Saturday March 20 from 9pm.

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