Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scott Newnham - Australian Idol 2009

It’s time for our weekly Idol interview so LET’s GROOVE, RUN IT and COME TOGETHER. Our guest today made many an AMERICAN WOMAN swoon and I am sure he would have been saying ISN’T SHE LOVELY when he got a KISS FROM A ROSE too. SO WHAT you may say? Let’s find out. what he has to say…. Hello Scott Newnham.

Before Idol, no one knew Scott Newnham could sing. He was working as a brick layer and would sing along to Michael Jackson when he was younger, and Guy Sebastian more recently. As Scott's Idol journey began he shocked and impressed the judges, his family and friends and even himself by making it all the way to the Top 12.

Post-Idol he plans to continue singing. Click here to listen to his chat with Adz.

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