Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Your Partner Melt

With life's daily humps, one of the best way to ease the tensions, pressures and stress in your life is to set your mind and body at peace with a massage.

As the pressure to perform financially grows, recent studies have proven that the stress we receive from our professional lives take its toll on our personal relationships - especially romantic ones.

Joy Sponsor - Make Your Partner Melt - have come up with a specific massage called, "The Seduction Massage," which is designed for same sex couples in particular to ensure that the spark is kept alit.

The Massage was actually performed by co-founder Dennis on his friend Emma. They are now married. The couple are apart of Merkhas Health and run Make Your Partner Melt which includes massage packages and romantic getaway ideas for couples.

They drop by The Hump Day Crew and teach Adz and Bish how to massage one another....and even though they techinically aren't a couple - there are of the same sex...and are two couple...which kind of makes them a same sex couple. Click here to listen to their experiences.

Make Your Partner Melt currently have two Seduction massage workshops coming up on November 28. Click here for more details.

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