Saturday, October 10, 2009

Billie Myers - kickin back with a cup of Tea & Sympathy

Coming across this amazing artist at the age of 12 has seared a vivid memory in my mind of the addicitvely amazing vocal style of the British born Billie Myers. The openly bi-sexual singer, now based in LA, is dawning up a new era - the release of her fourth album, "Tea and Sympathy." After the success of her 90's single, "Kiss The Rain," Myers has gone through a decade of change which has shone through with strength in her work.

After being dropped by her record label, Myers' fightback has come fighting back with a kickin' new album which has seen a evolution of vocal styles and showcases similiar subject matter to her previous work, with a modern spin.

Billie chats with Ginni from The Hump Day Crew revealed more interesting facts about the singer:
- she has spread a rumour involving Mel B in an uncomfortable position with tampons
- her proposal to "brunette-ifying," the world
- a proposed introduction to The Hump Day Crew if ever we were to interview Britney Speares
- chicken hypnotherapy

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