Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cory Lee - Turning the Naughty On

It is quite unique to come across a singer, actress or dancer that is truly talented in their specific field. Introducing Canadian singer, songwriter, dancer and actress - Cory Lee, and because she wears four hats, that would technically make her more than a triple threat.

The half German, half Chinese singer kicked started her career with her flagship track, "The Naughty Song," which captured the hearts of the lesbian community in particular as it was featured in season 3 of The L Word spun by the luscious Carmen De La Pica Morales. Following the launch of that single came her debut album, "What A Difference A Day Makes," which lead her to win the Indie Music Award for Pop Artist Of The Year and 2 Canadian Radio Music Awards.

The Naughty Song

Lee has also featured in several films and television series including Saw V and Being Erica. Alongside her work in film and tv, Cory's second album "Sinful Innocence," saw her team up with 3 time Juno award winner Perry Alexander (Shawn Desman) and KUYA (Nelly, Mase) which explores the good girl/bad girl double standard.

Now, on the brink of releasing a new album early next year, we are able to witness the darker, deeper and "dancier," side of Cory Lee.

Cory drops by The Hump Day Crew and lets us know just how cool Vanilla Ice still is after supporting him, her love for making old ladies irrate and we learn that she is quite the master prank caller.

Download their antics here.

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