Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kiss Hannah Gadsby Quick! She's Full of Jubes...literally!

Hannah Gadsby is something of an overnight success. And she owes it all to a friend who entered her in the 2006 Raw Comedy Competition, at the tender age of 28.

In her own dry, self-deprecating manner, which is typical of her stand up style, she says, “I’m from Tasmania, we’re slow there.” Since her win in 2006 she has become a regular on the Australian and international comedy scene, having now performed around the country, as well as in New York and Edinburgh. She’s currently touring Australia performing her latest show, Kiss Me Quick, I’m Full Of Jubes.

Hannah dropped by the JOY studios to talk about her journey so far, her upcoming show and with the Hump Day Crew's get Full of Jubes. Click here to listen to the result.

Check out Hannah in action:

For details on Hannah's show check out

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