Thursday, November 27, 2008

NICA Teaches The Hump Day Crew A Few Circus Tricks

Did you know that the methology behind being a circus performer is to learn about injuries? Why? Because when you eventually are bruised or have serious rope burn, you can explain exactly how you got it....and in future, perhaps avoid it from happening again. These were the first encouraging words Adz and Ginni heard when they set out to NICA.

Tom and Shaun, graduating students from NICA, taught them the aerial hoop, the trapeze and a few tricks involving juggling and coordination.

Click on the videos below.

Adz On The Hoop

Ginni's Just Hangin'

The Acrobatic Adz

Ginni goes for a spin

Editors Note: Neither Tom or Shaun were harmed or thrown up on during the lesson.

On the day of the Opening Night of the NICA Graduates show Rhapsody, Tommy joined The Hump Day Crew in the studio to talk about the life of a circus performer.
Click here to listen.

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