Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paul McDermott on The Hump Day Crew

Paul McDermott is a self-described atheist who says that his political leanings are somewhere between ultra-conservative and the radical left "depending on the time of day" He is an Australian writer, comedian, singer and television host. He currently hosts the satirical news-based quiz show Good News Week on Network Ten. As a comedian, he is best known both for Good News Week and for his role as a member of the musical comedy group the Doug Anthony All Stars, which disbanded in 1994.

Other Things You May Not know About Paul McDermott
  1. He has self-published obscure Gothic children’s tales.
  2. He was born in Adelaide and grew up in Canberra.
  3. He maintains his interest in art through painting, drawing and hand-crafting books.
  4. He thinks Adz had a dull sounding voice (or maybe he is just antsy because he was born in Adelaide and Adz brought it up).

Click here to listen to the Hump Day Crew banter with Paul McDermott

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