Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cha Cha Cha with Impro Melbourne

This year we have not one, but two couples representing Australia in the World Latin Dance Championship - the latin dance extravaganza displaying the world's finest dancers right here in Melbourne. The Hump Day Crew were joined by Australian representatives and Amateur Latin Rising Star Champions Nuria Santalucia and Mirko Sciolan - the couple being the only Australians to achieve this over the last 13 years.

And yes, being a radio show, we couldn't do justice in providing visual aid on air to their who do we call for innovative commentary and improvisation for our joy listeners? Mike Bryant and Sean Fabri from Impro Melbourne of course!

Watch Nuria and Mirko perform the "Cha Cha" in our studio and hear Mike and Sean's hilarious commentary.... all improvised of course!

Click here to listen to the inteview

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for the amazing shows, actors and courses of Impro Melbourne.

See Nuria and Mirko represent Australia at the World Latin Dance Championships. Click here for more details.

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