Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Stars For 2010

Each Wednesday at 710am AEST Stephen Devine, our resident astrologer chats with the HDC about the astrological forecast for the coming following 7 days. Wondering what the whole of 2010 has in store for you? Here are his forecasts for 2010:

Relationships will be your major focus for much of 2010. You'll do much soul seraching about the ones you are presently in and be constantly aware of what your emotional needs really are. Mars, your ruler's, retrograde position until March could be frustrating, but use this period to rethink your stategies. June/July has the potential to be an amazing time. This is when you should be prepared to take some risks. Romance should blossom in August. Singles may find significant partners in this month. The eclipse of June 26th grants you the opportunity to review your progress mid year. Act upon your findings The full moons of both September and October occur in your sign. Expect to feel highly emotional at these time.

You'll be expected to work hard in 2010. Saturn, the task master of the zodiac, is in your work zone for much of this year. This will cause you to analyse where changes need to be made. Take affirmative action. Two eclipses on January the 15th and June the 26th will grant you glimpses of your future. Even though it may be hard, you have to leave the past behind. You'll attract good luck by spending time with those you love and by pursuing your special interests. Dare to be eccentric! Romances will sizzle in April and August. This is when you can expect to welcome exciting newcomers into your life. Listen to their advice and refuse to hang on to outmoded ways of thinking.

There will be two periods in 2010 when your fortunes will be riding high. From mid January until early June you should really push yourself and try to achieve some of your longheld ambitions. From mid November on is also when you should be on the lookout for fresh opportunities. Unfortunately the period between these dates does not look so promising. For much of the year you will be extremely conscious of how others see you. By taking this knowledge on board you'll increase your chances of success. Realise that you do not yet have all the facts and be attracted towards people and organisations that offer self improvement. The year ends with a total eclipse in your sign on December 21st. This event will let you see how far you have come and reinforce what you have to offer.

There are two significant eclipses for your sign in 2010. Both of these events will highlight the realm of love and relationships. The first occurs on January the 15th, the second on June 26th. Make sure you are open to new people coming into your life between these dates. Be prepared to take on new advice. Jupiter's position from January until June, and the from September, should encourage you to be more optimistic and may even have you to taking a few risks. Don't be scared to live out your fantasies. You'll still be concerned with practical matters but Saturn is encouraging you to discover a work/life balance. Admit freely to your faults and refuse to be held back by friends and family.

Resist the urge to be impulsive this year. Mars; the planet of energy, anger and frustration is in your sign until early June so you'll have to control your temper. Learn to direct your energy wisely. The eclipse of July 11th will give you insights into what your relationship needs really are. Expect key friendships to hot up, or cool down, at this time. Your most auspicious romantic periods will be from mid January until mid February and from mid June until mid July. Jupiter's positioning for much of 2010 will ease your financial pain. People from your past, especially family, are likely to help you out in your monetary endeavours. Saturn is encouraging you to be careful with the friends who surround you. Check out their credentials.

2010 could prove to be a memorable year for romance. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will hot up your relationship zone twice; from January until June and then from September onwards. Expand your social circle, date people outside your usual type or just consolidate the relationships you are in. You also have the opportunity to rethink and refresh recent decisions and committments because of Saturn's return to your sign from April the 7th until July 21st. Use this opportunity to reevaluate your progress. The eclipses are likely to rekindle dormant ambitions, particularly the final one on December 21st. You start to realise what you really want from life. Significant changes will result.

By now you have hopefully become acclimatised to the feeling of Saturn in your sign.The best way to cope with this planet's power is by being honest with yourself and letting go of the past. This doesn't mean, however, that 2010 is going to be all heavy going. From April until the end of July Saturn is not in your sign. This grants you a breathing space from being too serious and staus conscious . Jupiter's position for much of the year suggests that your cache at work will be high. You'll also have a chance to concentrate on romance as two full moons occur in your relationship zone over September/October. You'll be on an emotional high. Late March and April are when your love stocks are high. Make sure you enjoy the thrill of the chase.

The first couple of months of 2010 may feel frustrating because Mars' retrograde action will hinder your plans. Step back and organise stratagies. After the 10th of March you'll be able to fulfill some of your dreams. Jupiter's position for much of this year should help you to get noticed and grant you added confidence. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Two eclipses in January and June will make you aware that you will need to include others on your journey . Seek out those who can provide you with good advice. If single, the most opportune time to find a significant other will be in April and September/ October. This later period may result in much soul searching as you'll explore what you really requiire from prospective partners.

From January 19th until June 7th Jupiter's position will cause you to strive for security . Expect to feel protective towards your home, family and finances .This conservative approach will resurface again in the later months of the year. From early June until September, however, your attitude will be different and you'll feel far more outgoing, even confident. Beware of taking unnecesssary risks during this period. Saturn's position for much of 2010 suggests that friends will be a concern. The nature of relationships will change and you may feel let down by those you trust. Late April/ early May should prove a magic time for you and the eclipse of the December 21st will give you greater insight into what other's really think of you.

Expect your views to change significantly over the course of this year. The first two eclipses of 2010 occur in your sign which commences this process. The new moon eclipse of January 16th will help you to realise where adjustments need to be made, while the full moon eclipse of June 26th will give you some idea if these alterations have gone far enough. Saturn, your ruler's, position for much of this year will make you work harder to achieve success Expenses will be reined in but remember the importance of fun. Much fine tuning will be done, but by December you'll hit your stride and anything will seem possible. Interesting and influential people will cross your path, affecting your thoughts and methods. Friendships may blossom into romances.

Over the first half of 2010 much of your energy will be consumed by relationships. Expect to become easily frustrated with friends and lovers . Many of you will be angling for some type of committment right up until early June. Try to be more patient. Jupiter's placement suggests that you'll experience financial good fortune this year. Houses may be brought and sold at great profit. Saturn's position will make you extremely conscious of your long term plans You'll concentrate on the bigger picture and what your future holds. An eclipse in your sign on July 11th will be a powerful agent for change and could affect your motivations. Make sure you take time out to enjoy the spectacular stars of late February and June.

2010 could be an amazing year as Jupiter, the planet of godd fortune , resides in your sign for much of it. Refuse to be held back by your own insecurities or haunted by your past. Realise that you can afford to take a few risks. In the middle of the year even your financial position should be favourable. During the first half of 2010 much of your energy will be directed into organising your life and sorting through wwork issues. Once you have worked on these you can afford to devote yourself to the finer things of life. Love is most likely to be found in mid February and early October. Venus' retrograde actions in October means that you'll become acutely aware of what you want from relationships at this time.

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