Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions in Health & Fitness

When a new year dawns on us, it's that time where we set outselves New Year's Resolutions. Whether we want to lose weight or gain muscle, you will find that when making a list of things to acheive in a year, most people will have Health and Fitness within the top three of their list, and why wouldn't you...considering that without your health, you have essentially nothing. However, when it comes to all the myths around Health and Fintess, some of the resolutions set are with high expectation and realistically will take more than 12 months to achieve. Chris from Joy Sponsor Metro Body Fitness stops by The Crew with information and tips on how realistically these goals can be obtained. Certain weight loss tactics and muscle gain does vary from individual due to body type, genetics and lifestyle.

These expectations coupled with false preconceptions can lead to disappointment. Chris, being a Personal Trainer, has trained varies individuals and body types throughout his time: Hear all Chris' tips here

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