Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Stunning Sheetal Sheth

We fell in love with her character when she graced our big screen at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival here in Australia in "The World Unseen," and "I Can't Even Think Straight."

However, there's been quite an electic range of movies Sheetal Sheth has appeared in.

Making her debut on the big screen playing the lead in ABCD, her passion for acting ignited to see her enroll in the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University.

I had the priviledge of interviewing and found her to be charismatic, intelligent and strong. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

Click here to download the podcast.


Lisy said...

We Adore Sheetal Sheth, she is talented, interesting, very smart beautiful woman, who inspires everyone around the world. She is my daily inspiration & I thank her each & every Day.Always Smile!!!!

Kanchi said...

The raw look of ur face is really amazing. U & Lisa hv done such an amazing job with ur naturalness in the movies, Can't think straight & The world unseen. Kudos to both of u'll for ur career in acting.

JB Christy said...

Ginni, that intro was AMAZING! That may be the best intro I've ever heard. Awesome!

And the interview was stellar. Sheetal's pretty generous with her comments, but you got things from her that I've never heard before, particularly about her early experiences, e.g. the responses to ABCD, and her determination to keep stirring the pot and moving people. Very nice job. Thank you!

Hope you had a great trip to the States! Next time drop by San Francisco - you'll be warmly welcomed!

Ginni said...

Wow shucks - thank you JB Christy! What a wonderful compliment :) Thinking of coming to the states next year so please keep in touch :)

Uni said...

Wow Ginni! That was a great intro! You're indeed very creative!

As always, Sheetal Sheth's interview is amazing and impressive. How she discusses her work or role on her films shows how passionate she is. The roles she portrays are not merely "roles" because she was hired to portray them. Behind those roles is a message that she is sending to the viewers. Despite controversies, she remains firm -- And this is why many are inspired by her as she continues to open the hearts and minds of a lot of people from around the world. Not too many actors are like Sheetal, wherein they would accept a role because they want to be “the voice”.

How Sheetal connects with her fans globally is amazing too!

'Twas a fun interview, Ginni! Great job and more power to your radio show!