Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Like That Luciana's on The Hump Day Crew

She's sizzled our shores with her catchy lyrics and her infectious charisma. Conquering our dance charts with singles, "I Like That," Luciana's talents extend to writing songs for our very own Kylie Minogue and my big crush - Miss Nicole Scherzinger. Although her name is Nicole and she's made many a bottle pop, Luciana's lyrics have an equally hypnotic charm and originality that entertains and engages in a way only Luciana can.

Now, with the Australian ARIA charts at the mercy of her songs, she's off to conquer Los Angeles and headlines the iconic Club Skirts' Dinah Shore Pool Party. With another realease on the brinks, we may as well shut our mouths and GO GO GO with the Luciana flow.

I had the wonderful pleasure of chatting to Luciana to which the editing took me over an hour to cut out all the laughter! An enjoyable and hilarious interview with an infectious talent.

Download the podcast here.

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