Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still Going Crazy For Thea Gill

The last time this lady was inducted into The Hump Day Crew,she was residing in a RIVERWORLD, solving MURDER AMONGST FRIENDS in THE STRANGE WORLD OF DJ COSMIC. 

She may be HARMONY'S HALLOWEEN HAUNT but she cast a spell on us to make us QUEER AS FOLK and spread THE PUTT PUTT SYNDROME which is probably why Thee Hump Day Crew is still going CRAZY for Thea Gill.

We last spoke to Thea in The Hump Day Crew's Queer As Folk Gay May Special, and since then, it seems Ms Gill has been quite the busy lady!

She's featured The Putt Putt Syndrome and has just wrapped up a film called The Boy She Met Online. Recently, Gill starred alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in the hit series,"Ghost Whisperer."

We can also look forward to seeing Thea Gill return to our television screens this Summer - Channel 9's Digital Channel - "Go" is airing the series
Dante's Cove, which stars not only Gill, but another of the HDC's guests - Jill Bennett.

And if we thought the small screen wasn't enough to see her in, we Aussies also have to look
 forward to is a film that is coming to our shores next year. It features not only 80% of some on Australia's best actors including Ian Bishop, Alan Fletcher and Rhonda Birchmore but has Thea singing a version of "Crazy," on the Soundtrack. 

Remembering Nigel

Ginni from The Hump Day Crew catches up with Thea to hear the latest - download their chat here


DeeG said...

as always, thanks for the update and the interview

The Putt Putt Syndrome said...

We too went crazy for Thea Gill. She is amazing in our indie film playing SAM, the cookie-cutter wife who becomes the naughty vixen in her husband's (Jason London) nightmares.

Here is a sneak preview of her amazing performance.


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