Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vanessa Amorosi on the Hump Day Crew

It gave us great pleasure to speak with one of the great female voices of Australia. This young lady has THE POWER to make ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY SHINE and did so with her first album…became the first Australian female to reach #1 on the National ARIA chart with her debut album.

She’s been hiding for a little while and I thought she may be living in a TENT BY THE SEA or vanished in a puff off STEAM. But EVERYTIME I CLOSE MY EYES I knew she would GET HERE and TURN TO ME …BY MY SIDE

Now proving that she is PERFECT and that HEROS LIVE FOREVER she is back with a new album and I definitely recommend you HAVE A LOOK as it may just inspire you to do THE SIMPLE THINGS like come over to MY HOUSE and show A LITTLE LOVE and KISS YOUR MAMA

I best stop my rambling and just START IT...

Today Vanessa Amorosi had a chat to the Hump Day Crew. We asked her about the ARIAs, the army and checked to see how well she knew her back catalogue.

To hear the full here

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